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American Beauty (Plushberry x Plushberry)

This fruit in the form of cannabis is a perfect combination of delicacy, kush and some hints of pineapple from the famous Cinderella 99.

Branches easily with beautiful shades of buds, full of resin, very clingy. You'll notice that in vegetative leaves bow up surpassing even the main knot, it then returns to normal as it starts flowering.

Two very similar phenes be seen, the first taking shades easily due to the parental genes present Black Cherry Soda. The second is somewhat less color but form larger and denser structure buds. Both with a unique aromatic nuances. In either cases, they are plants that grow very vigorously not give
problems, and are resistant to mold.

50% sativa 50% indica
Flowering Time: 8 to 9 wks, if outdr: end of Sep-Early Oct
Yield: 500-900 gr/m2, if outdr: up to 1.2 kg/pp

4 seeds for $63

Black Jesus OG (Tahoe OG select x Sour Star)

A work created from genetic OG strong character are you ready to fly? This creation has been a success, the potential of clone Tahoe combined with our Black Star Soul selected produces one effect stronger than you could meet.

Given that Soul Star is born of cross between a monstrous Sensi Star selected in 2004 and the famous Peyote Purple bank Cannabiogen (black phenotype), selected for its strong citrus aroma. Tthick and hard buds, broad bright plated chalices resin everywhere.

Flowering Time: about 8 weeks, if outdr: early Oct
Yield: 600gr-1kg/m2, if outdr: up to 1.5 kg/pp

4 seeds for $63

Crystal Meth (Destroyer x Critical +)

Our plant par excellence, it is an absolutely psychedelic experience. This is for fun, laughing and out of reality to a higher level of understanding and knowledge. Of these herbs is that when the smoke is more acute senses and you realize many things before imperceptible.
This is a heavyweight. Plants can be really monsters weight. Its flavor varies from growing in the ochres and smells more spicy to a sharp penetrating aroma of skunk variable. The dry smell of this plant make an explosive combination, much more powerful than the average. The flavor will leave you mark, always want to keep a mother. With certain nuances that make improvements to remind sativas old.

Flowering Time: 8-10 wks
Yield: 500-700 gr/m2, if outdr: 800-100 gr/pp

4 seeds for $73

King Kong (Ed Rosenthal's Super Bud x Chronic)

Dr Underground King Kong Seeds Resin, and speed production, in that order are the main values of this plant. For its development we have a mother from Ed Rosenthal Super Bud, an extreme sativa production, pollinated by our mother Chronic reversed, resulting in a rapid flowering plant, a lot of resin and large productions. Goes well branched, with a vigorous vegetative growth and fast becoming an extremely short flowering period for such a quantity of dry final without losing any quality at harvest.  The flavors range from lemon, skunk and incense, there are some nuances Fenosa Haze.  The effect is quick and powerful, providing a state of happiness that you completely uninhibited.    Undoubtedly the variety is perfect for mass production of crops. 

Flowering Time: 7-8 wks, if outdr: late Sep-early Oct
Yield: 700-900 gr/m2, if outdr: 1kg+ gr/pp

4 seeds for $55

Kong 47 (King Kong x AK-47)

Kong 47 is fast flowering and highly productive plant. It is a result of a crossing King Kong from Dr. Underground and AK 47 from Serious Seeds. Very interesting and vigorous strain with flowers full of resin. If growing indoors, you will need some filters because of its strong scent. The flavour is persistent with hints of grapefruit and lime.

Flowering Time: 7-8 wks, if outdr: late Sep-early Oct
Yield: Medium-High

Height: Medium

4 seeds for $57

Melon Gum (Lavender x Bubblegum)

A delicacy in size extra large. The buds of these super girls, do not forget easily. More powerful effect, do not expect to have a light color, on the contrary, this produces some killers highs worth remembering, especially if you go with friends, is really fun. Undoubtedly, if you search for a plant colors, beautiful, full of resin, hard hearts of stone and the production such as extra large, this is your plant. The aroma may be growing into something strong, it is recommended to use a filter. In outdoor crops may become the queen of your garden, not only the colors but the contrast between white resin and purple buds. The flavor varies from dry in the sweetest of lemons to a mix between berries and bitter melon, very tasty and very accomplished in this variety.

Flowering Time: 7-8 wks, if outdr: late Sep-Early Oct
Yield: 600-800 gr/m2, if outdr: approx 1 kg/pp

4 seeds for $66

Auto Melon Gum

You'll love the variable odor between melon, strawberries and skunk, especially her great resin production. The effect is powerful enough to be a simple automatic reaching serious knock out experienced growers, if ever tasted Melon Gum in normal version, the effect of the auto version that will be more familiar. If you want big plants, used containers or grown in hydro or aeroponic, if you want to spend more unnoticed plants, use smaller pots or few watts. In any event, not be disappointed, aroma, and taste will power to repeat again.

Flowering Time: 60-70 days from seed
Yield: 35-50 gr/pp

Auto Feminized
4 seeds for $55